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Women, How many of you are confident about your looks enough to wear a painted latex bikini?
I am just taking a poll…
It depends on the thickness of the paint/ how many layers of paint there are and who is going to be around me.
Can I wear a latex bikini....?
I am trying to get back in to swimming, can I wear a latex bikini to a swim club to do timed laps? I am so sick of the old one pieces from back in my swim team days!! I am also kinda hoping it improves time!
You're becoming a real daredevil! I love your taste. Try it and see if people will complain. I certainly wouldn't!
I would like ot make a cotton bikini or something that has acrylic or a poly?
blend. I react to latex and every swimsuit has lycra, or elastane in it. Obviously for the stretch. I think that acyrlic or a poly blend would add the smal amount of stretch but is it ihard to make a bikini just wondering what other's experience has been with cotton blends of this nature or 100% cotton. Nothing fancy just bottom and tie top. Thanks to all the sewers for their suggestions
When the bikini was first invented, lycra and elastane were far in the future. They were used more for tanning than swimming, and usually fit quite tightly. Rubber-based elastic was used then, and I think you could find it now, too.

I have a two-piece swimsuit I bought on a Mexican beach years ago. It was made of some silky synthetic, lined with plain, woven cotton fabric. It has drawstrings to adjust the fit.

Using a knit, cotton or synthetic, would give you stretch, but you want to be careful it won't stretch right off!
Why would I need an empty jar for latex as a stripper at a club?
I usually work at bikini bars, and never ever was asked to bring in an empty jar. I went to a new club today, thinking it was a bikni bar, but I think it's a pastie club. Why did my new boss ask me to bring in an empty jar for latex? Do I buy my own jar of latex or is he giving me latex to put in the jar? And what for? Is it for my pasties? Can someone explain this whole concept to me......and what to expect and what I should actually show up with.
Latex is used in place of pasties.

And yes, he is probably going to give you latex if he told you to bring an empty jar. You can buy it yourself though, a small container is only about $4 at costume or dance stores.
When waxing your clients bikini areas?
They say you use vinyl and not latex gloves, can anyone tell me why this is?
lots of people are allergic to latex!!
Men looking at naked woman photo's vs porn videos?
I've had this problem with my boyfriend...

I don't really have a problem with porn, but my boyfriend was looking at images of single women (sometimes two women) in whatever clothes he likes (latex/bikini's/pvc). I think this is more intimate than looking at people having sex, because he is putting all his focuses on one woman... I had a problem with this.

I'd appreciate what you guys think.
videos are probably better than images, you have a point
Soft Porn Images vs Online Porn?
I've had this problem with my boyfriend...

I don't really have a problem with porn, but my boyfriend was looking at images of lone women (sometimes two women) in whatever clothes he likes (latex/bikini's/pvc). I think this is more intimate than looking at people having sex, because he is putting all his focuses on one woman... I had a problem with this.

I'd appreciate what you guys think.
Any time you are spending time looking at other naked or partially naked people other then the one you are with, is not a good thing. Its STILL lusting after another - and therefore its a form of adultery.

Too many men and women think its ok to be bringing in a 3rd party into the relationship. Sooner or later porn will kill the relationship.

BTW not all guys look at porn either.
I'm trying to find a song that is early 90's that is a Summer time song.?
Its not Will Smith, not his summertime song.

It's got 2 black guys singing in it I think. Its hip hop or RnB type.

The music video is set on a beach, and the singers are looking at the girls and some pass by in tight latex, bikinis and skates I think...

Not sure what its called. WHAT IS IT?
Could it be "Summertime" by Will Smith or "The Thong Song" by Sisquo?
Boy having gender issues, please help?
¨Hi guys, I asked this a few days ago and not getting ANY answer. Guess you people think I´m an internet troll or something? what could I possibly gain by asking this? Anyways, here a repoost for the ones who want to read. Yeah I know its long please bare with me. yahoo doesn´t allow me to create an account without parents conscent and I don´t wnt to use my current one because people could discover me, so am asking this on my neighbours account. (he won´t read the answers but knows about my situation)

Okay so heres da´ deal. I´m a guy, am 13 and I like cute girly stuff. I mean I like normal things like soccer or basket or wrestling. But at the same time I like small dogs (won´t use the word ¨puppies¨because people misunderstand me) and Hello Kitty and pastel colors. Yes I know some of you will make fun of me and I don´t care a sh !t. Words couldn´t possibly compare to the physical bulling I got at my school. So I got transfered to a new school (at MY request) and am MUCH happier here. People respect me a lot more and I even have friends. But now I have ANOTHER problem. See, when I´m around the guys and their watchin hot girls or somethin and I try to join in,
they just tell me to Stop pretending and ¨be yourself¨. Same when I try to join them on a soccer or basketball match. ¨Don´t fool yourself¨ Thing is, IM NOT!! I like those things too, so why am I being treatd as a girl?
If I like guy stuff, I´m forcing myself. If I like girl stuff, I´m a pansy. WHAT GIVES?? Isn´t there like a
BALANCE thingie to enjoy both? I think I´m understanding how transgenderism starts a bit.. I mean not that I want to become a girl (yet?) but am starting to think my life would be much easier if I were a girl. I dunno what to do everyone is trying to be nice to me so I can´t get mad at them, but my god their annoying!! I go to school tehrapist because mom and her think I have ¨gender issues¨. I´m not sure I have them myself, but still am awfully confused. Problem is that therapy SUCKS, because it isn´t private. All I say goes to my mom. I´m looking for a website or message board I can go to, to write my feelings privaletely. (by that I mean I don´t care if internet reads it, just not my parents. ) or something like an ¨online therapy¨I dunno.. Some place to share my feelings and get advice, specially on transgenderism or however you write. Don´t tell me to Google it, please. I´ve tried a few message boards that way and all I found is 450 yr old men showing their d! cks in french maid outfits and stuff. Nothing against crossdressers (I kind wanna become one myself sometimes) but I´m still straight and don´t need to see those creeps. So how does it works? Because I´m 14, am I f*cked up until I get 18? Or is there ANY online help out there? Please gimme advice or paste url if you know one. Can´t go on living like this.

And please don´t take this as a sexual question. I get horny with hot chicks in latex or bikini, I don´t get horny when I see my girl friends in ponytails playing with their cats and dogs. I just think they look incredibily sweet and men should be ¨allowed¨ to be adorable as well. Not sure that makes any sense...

Any help is welcomed. ty¨
I'm sorry. But you're kind of young to determine this. Give it a couple or few more years. Be yourself until then, then make a decision. Experiment with different appearances and make a decision after enough time and you've tried what you can. You seem pretty reasonable, but take your time.
Where do exotic dancers/strippers get their outfits from?
not the bikinis, but the really nice ones, not shiny or latex-ish. need a strap for money as that lace up the leg too. any suggestions?
victoria secret

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